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Pricing and Accessories

  Subject to change    
MySky ONE - Mentor Edition
  Flight Instruments - Front Panel: Airspeed Indicator, Altimeter,
Vertical Speed Indicator, Inclinometer, Magnetic Compass
  Engine Instruments - Front Panel: Tachometer, Oil Pressure,
Oil Temperature, EGT, Fuel Gauges
  Flight Controls: Toe Brakes, Elevator Trim and Flap Controls
For Front and Back Seat
  Com Antenna, Headphone Jacks for Front and Back Seat
  ELT, Navigation Lights, Wing Tip Strobes
  MySky ONE - Elite Edition
  MySky Flight Information Center, Front and Back Panel
  Analog Airspeed Indicator (as backup), Front Panel
  Analog Altimeter (as backup), Front Panel
  Magnetic compass (as backup), Front Panel
  VHF Com with Intercom
  Garmin GTX-327 Transponder, Encoder
  Interior Upgrades:
  AmSafe Seatbelts with Airbags
  Genuine Leather Seating
  Night Flight Package:
  40 Amp Alternator, Landing Lights, Instrument Lights, Cabin Lights
  Additional Upgrades:
  Window Vents - Left Side - Two window vents front and rear
  Window Vents - Right Side - Two window vents front and rear
  Flight Automation Package 1:
  MySky FAS 1, Single Axis Autopilot uses GPS signals from FIC 1 to track flight plans    
  Flight Automation Package 2:
  MySky FAS 2, includes all the features of FAS 1,
plus Altitude Control with Vertical Speed and Altitude presets
  Exterior Paint Upgrades:    
  Colors: Two-tone, White and Blue/Green/Yellow/Red