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  MySky MSONE Takeoff  
  MySky MSONE LSA Light Sport AircraftAircraft

The Ultimate LSA


Imagine: You’re at 7,500 feet, flying at 120 knots. You’re settled back in the lush leather interior of the fighter-like cockpit. Through the bubble canopy you have a panoramic view of the earth and sky around you.* You sense the throaty purr of the six-cylinder Jabiru engine, which is burning less than five gallons per hour.**

Your hand wraps naturally around the contoured side stick control. The nimble MS-1 is responding to every nuance of your touch.

Displayed on the panel before you is the all-glass FIC 1, the MySky Flight Information Center. You see the detailed moving map tracking your progress, giving you a digital display of all your flight and engine information. Whenever you choose, you can engage the FAS 2, the versatile MySky 2-axis autopilot.***

You've left your FAA Medical at home. Or you don’t have one. This is an LSA – you don’t need it.

A warm smile spreads over your face. Just when you thought the thrill of flying a true sport airplane was out of reach, you discovered the ultimate LSA. The marvelous MS-1.

Welcome to the MySky adventure.

* MySky ONE’s bubble canopy absorbs 95% of all UV-A and UV-B radiation. On the ground you can taxi with the canopy halfway open, in the air powerful fresh air ventilation keeps you comfortable.

**it could be 100LL or automobile gas.

*** MySky FAS 2 is a very capable 2-axis autopilot. You can intercept, track, follow flight plans, climb at a preselected speed or climb rate, level of at your target altitude …and much more…

Specifications subject to change.