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  MySky MSONE taxi for take off  
  MySky MSONE LSA Light Sport AircraftAircraft

Equipment Specifications

  Subject to change  
  Jabiru 3300 Aircraft Engine
  • Displacement 3314 cc
  • Engine Weight 178 complete with engine oil, exhaust and starter motor.
• Jabiru, permanently excited single phase generator 20 amps continuous DC output –(optional 40 amps)
  • Maximum 120 hp @ 3300 RPM
  • Maximum continuous 2750 RPM
  • Bing constant depression type carburetor or
  • MySky carburetor with manual mixture control (optional)
  • Fuel: AVGAS 100 LL or unleaded automotive gasoline 91 Octane
  • Fuel Burn at 120 KTS: less than 4.5 gal/hr. (with manual carburetor)
  Sensenich Composite, Ground Adjustable
  Airspeed Indicator, Altimeter, Vertical Speed Indicator, Inclinometer, Magnetic Compass Tachometer, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Fuel Gauges
  Com Antenna, Headphone Jacks for Front and Back Seat  
  ELT Navigation Lights, Wing Tip Strobes  
  Fuel System  
  2 sealed wing tanks, 25 gal total (37 gal optional)  
  Fuel selector, L-B-R-Off  
  Fuel filter and drains  
  Electric boost pump  
  Electric fuel gages  
  All composite tandem design  
  Carbon fiber spar straps  
  Electric trim system  
  Electric flaps  
  Com Antenna, ELT  
  Navigation Lights  
  Wing Tip Strobes  
  Plexiglas canopy with unlimited view in all directions  
  Canopy blocks 95% of UV-A and UV-B damaging radiation  
  Ergonomic seats, side stick control system and power quadrant  
  Taxi with partially open canopy is possible  
  Adjustable rudder pedals  
  Individual hydraulic brakes  
  Very effective fresh air ventilation and heating system  
  Toe brakes, electric elevator trim and flap controls for both seats  
  Headset connectors for both seats  
  12V power plug for both seats  
  Vinyl interior (Leather optional)  
  Four point harnesses  
  Baggage compartment, suitable for golf bag  
  Landing Gear  
  Grove aluminum spring gear with gun drilled brake lines  
  5x5.00 Grove or Beringer (optional) wheels  
  Grove or Beringer (optional) hydraulic disc brake system  
  Individual toe brakes  
  Castering nose wheel