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  MySky MSONE in front of MySky building  
  MySky MSONE LSA Light Sport AircraftAircraft

Aircraft Specifications

  Estimated, Subject to change    
Weight Summary (lbs)
  Estimated Weight
  Useful Load
  Maximum Gross Weight
  Fuel Capacity (U.S. Gallons)
  (long range tanks optional)
  Wing Span
30 feet
  Wing Area
125 sq. feet
  Wing Chord, constant
50 inches
  Aspect Ratio
  Horizontal Tail
  Horizontal Tail Span
10 Feet
  Horizontal Tail Area
25.83 sq. feet
  Horizontal Tail Chord, constant
3 feet (root), 2.16 feet (tip)
  Jabiru 3300 Aircraft Engine  
  • Displacement 3314 cc  
  • Engine Weight 178 complete with engine oil, exhaust and starter motor.  
  • Jabiru, permanently excited single phase generator 20 amps continuous DC output (optional 40 amps)  
  • Maximum 120 hp @ 3300 RPM  
  • Maximum continuous 2750 RPM  
  • Bing constant depression type carburetor or    
  • MySky carburetor with manual mixture control (optional)    
  • Fuel: AVGAS 100 LL or unleaded automotive gasoline 91 Octane    
  • Fuel Burn at 120 KTS: less than 4.5 gal/hr. (with manual carburetor)  
  Sensenich Composite, ground adjustable